What Vegans Eat – Day 1765


First Meal: It’s Mother’s Day again, time to visit mom. I don’t usually go on Wednesdays but I had scheduled an inspection with a service we have for mom’s house and today was the day. Gary offered to come along and I was so grateful to have his company. It snowed this morning and the drive was spectacular. The sky was white and the trees were black, lightly dusted with sparkly white snow. It was surreal and stunning. After visiting mom, we went to Plant Wise for a late lunch. Gary made up his own Super Combo Plate with Hummus, Guacamole and Brown Rice.

I chose the Kale Masala with Kale, Chickpea Masala, Red Onion, Sunflower Dressing and Quinoa. We both had gorgeous Green Advanced Juices with Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon and Ginger.

Second Meal: Baby it’s Cold Outside! Gary warmed us up back at home with tall cups of steeping hot Teeccino, Soy Foam and Cocoa Dust. I can work with that!

Third Meal: In the evening we had a simple dinner, Gary’s Blue Hubbard Squash and Coconut Mash, with Green Beans and Boiled Potatoes.


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