What Vegans Eat – Day 1769


First Meal: It’s the Annual Vegan Cookie Swap Party. We had a bunch of things to do before leaving and I stuffed my mouth with a few spoonfuls of Red Cabbage Salad that I had made the day before. We love this party hosted my Annie and Michael Walsh. We started going before their girls were born and now there are lots of children running about, enjoying vegan snacks and cookies. Plus we get to catch up with friends we don’t always see throughout the year and wish we did. That’s you Grace! That’s you Demetrius! Here’s one side of the table with treats and savory items, along with the Cuccidati I made yesterday.

And the other side of the table. There were about five vegan cheeses, lots of flavorful crackers, crudités, eggplant caviar and hummus. I was glad. I was hungry and I didn’t want to fill up on cookies. The idea is to bring a container and select the cookies you want to bring home. We don’t take any with us. One afternoon of cookie indulgence a year is enough.

Second Meal: It was a windy, cold evening but we were up for walking. We strolled from the Flatiron district to Chinatown and dined at the Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant on Mulberry Street. I had the Mushroom Congee. It’s total comfort food for me.

We shared the Stir Fried Choy Sum, The Turnip Cakes and Steamed Buddha’s Bean Curd Rolls.

Gary got this Beefy Veggie Beef Noodle Soup.

After dinner we took another long stroll before getting a subway home.

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