What Vegans Eat – Day 1770


First Meal: I suggested a buffet breakfast this morning. I brought out the Red Cabbage Salad with Apples, Ginger, Carrots, Onions and Lime Juice. Gary made Ezekiel Toast and I put out the Lundberg’s Thin Stackers Red Rice and Quinoa Crackers that we brought home from our trip to California last week.

There was a little bit of Tofu Hash that Gary warmed up that went well on the toast and a little more on the crackers, with Dijon Mustard, really good.

Second Meal: Sometimes when I am hungry but not knowing what to make I just start pulling things out of the refrigerator and let the Universe take over to see what unfolds. A bag of organic Power Greens with Arugula went into a bowl. I made Tahini Dressing with Pomegranate Vinegar and chopped some sweet ripe Pears and a little yellow onion to go on top. Then there was a nice salad, ready to go. At the same time I grabbed a bag of organic Brussels Sprouts. I rarely see them organic but when I do, I buy two. Two bags, that is. I also put up a pot of Millet. Gary came into the kitchen and saw I was making a meal. But it needed something else. Gary rolled up his sleeves and made his signature Baked Tofu. I thought it would be fun to eat everything in big bowls. So we did.

Later we capped off the evening with a cappuccino made with Teeccino, Soy Foam and Cocoa Dust.


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