What Vegans Eat – Day 1792


First Meal: Today’s cooked breakfast cereal is a combination of Oats and Polenta with Raisins and topped with Raspberry Coulis.

Second Meal: I did it again. I combined a bunch of leftovers to make a new dish. Yesterday’s leftover Green Zenphony dishes with Brown/Red Rice, Eggplant in Black Bean Sauce and Taro Veggie Chicken a la King got cooked together with water and mixed with the Rancho Gordo Royal Corona beans from two nights ago. The sad thing about these kinds of dishes is that you know you will never have them again. The blend of leftovers is always unique.

I served myself a Green Juice with dinner and Gary had Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout. I would have joined him but we both agreed that beer was not a good idea since I have an audition early tomorrow.


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