What Vegans Eat – Day 1819


First Meal: Gary was going to try to cram in an audition but in the end he got up a little later in the morning and went to his acting class. I prepared some music for what I want to sing for tomorrow’s auditions and I ate a Banana.

Second Meal: We were both looking forward to our late lunch. Gary had made his vegan Meatloaf a couple of days ago and that means we could have Meatloaf Sandwiches today! I made a quick soup from the leftover Peas and Carrots and Beans and warmed up the Mashed Potatoes.

We are having Meatloaf Sandwiches!!

Third Meal: In the evening we had a simple dinner of Green Salad.

Afterwards we had our new favorite dessert, Thin Stackers with Almond Butter and Date Paste.

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