What Vegans Eat – Day 21


Breakfast: This was a simple breakfast and get-to-work-as-fast-as-you-can kind of day. We had vanilla tea and hot oatmeal with apples and dried apricots that I topped with nothing-but-the-flax, 2 Tablespoons ground flax. Got to keep those omega-3’s up. And speaking of nutrients, here’s what vitamins I take at breakfast: Vitamin D3, the vegan version and B12. Vitamin D is so important especially when you are not able to expose your skin to the sun. breakfast-with-vitamins

Lunch: I soaked some green split peas the night before and I began to cook them thinking they would come together in a nice soup. That was not to be. These peas would not get soft. I have read if your legumes are old they can take longer to cook. If they were old, it’s not our fault. Our food does not last long in this house. I had my daily green juice of Kale, Collards, Celery, Lemon and Lime along with a couple of Brazil Nuts and an apple and went back to work. Throughout the day I checked back on those split peas and probably ate about a cup, just from checking to see if they were done.

Dinner: Can you guess what’s in the picture below? Apple sauce perhaps? How about puréed Kohlrabi soup! It was the one of the last remaining items from our Winter CSA and it was time to be cooked. Kohlrabi is not a friendly looking root that entices you to eat it. It’s rather ugly. I peeled it and cooked it with onions and garlic in leftover potato cooking water from making potatoes 2 days before. When everything was soft I puréed it in the blender. No salt, no seasoning and it was delicious! So sweet. kohlrabi

Evening: The holiday of Purim is coming up in a few days. My way of celebrating a holiday is with food. I leave the dogma and rituals behind and get to the tasty treats and veganize them. I made Hamentaschen with Poppy Seed and Apricot Butter Fillings and enjoyed a couple with peppermint tea. hamentaschen

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