What Vegans Eat – Day 23


As I write this blog my head is reeling with my long list of things to do. We are planning for our April 22 fundraiser and working on securing sponsors and underwriters. That tax date of April 15 is fast approaching as I think about what I need to do well before that date, for personal taxes and for the REAL business nonprofit filings. My volunteers are submitting their transcriptions of podcasts that need to be reviewed, edited and posted. We’ve got a new REAL Good News in Review webisode in the works that is demanding attention. The “to do” list looms loud and large in my mind. The snow is falling. It is peaceful and quiet, yet silently threatening: Stay inside; do the work; drink tea.
hibiscusI was craving hibiscus tea yesterday morning. My friend Beth had visited a few weeks before and had brought some dried hibiscus from her farm in Costa Rica. I had visited a year before and helped prepare the hibiscus for bagging amongst many other activities. I like the clean, astringent taste of Hibiscus, which is probably too tart and bitter for most.
Sipping on it brought memories of summer winds and the Swingin’ Gourmets singing the Summer Wind:

Breakfast: After my tea we had our REAL version of cold cereal: rolled oats with coconut flakes and chopped apple served with unsweetened soy milk and topped with ground flax seeds.
Lunch: I believe knowing another big storm coming later that night subconsciously inspired this kale salad topped with snow (grated black radish) tossed with REAL Seed Caesar Dressing and served with leftover split pea soup.
Our neighbors invited us out to see the opera Carmen at the Met. How lucky can you get? We finished our last Hamentanschen cookies with some vanilla tea and set out for the evening. Beautiful music, a last minute replacement lead tenor, Yonghoon Lee, who starts out wooden and brash in the first act and captivates the audience by the fourth and final act. Live performance is the best. It’s REAL!
Evening: Since we didn’t eat dinner we came home hungry and settled in with some apples, carrots, celery and peanut butter with peppermint tea.

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