What Vegans Eat – Day 235: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: I made a nice cup of Genmaicha and relaxed reading a New Yorker Magazine.
Lunch: Where to go to lunch when in San Jose? Vegetarian House of course! This is one of our favorite restaurants, anywhere. We began with Jasmine Tea. With our eyes wide we chose three favorites. I practically always order the Flying Buddha – a napa cabbage soup with fresh tofu, taro, mushroom, soy protein and yam flour crescents served in a hot pot.
Spring Roll Noodles, which is served with rice noodles, cucumber, soy protein, lettuce, bean sprouts and fresh mints dressed in an Au Lac vinaigrette topped with fresh peanuts
The Heavenly Salad consists of shredded red & green cabbage, soy protein, tofu, onion, carrot and fresh mints tossed in a light vinaigrette topped with crushed peanuts and we got a BIG one.
Once again I was quite sated. I enjoyed everything down to the last bite and thought I would never be hungry again. I was wrong, again.
Dinner: We met friends in San Francisco and 5-year-old Robby wanted burritos for dinner. We went to Casa Mexicana and I order the Steamed Broccoli Burrito with Beans, Rice and Avocado. Stuffed again!
But there’s always room for green juice. A couple of doors down from Casa Mexicana is Pressed Juicery. I got the Green #1.

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