What Vegans Eat – Day 273


Breakfast: Oatmeal served again for breakfast with Raisins, Pears and Flax Seeds, served with Green Tea.
Lunch: I defrosted the “Sludgie” I had frozen 2 days before. (See What Vegans Eat – Day 271) When it was ready, I sipped and chewed on it.
Dinner: By late afternoon I was very hungry. We were planning to go out to see a play that evening. We defrosted some frozen Creamy Carrot Bisque and cooked up some Brown Lentils with a little Kelp (for flavor and iodine). Sometimes I just crave lentils and that’s all I want to eat.
Evening: When we got home we were hungry again. Bananas have melatonin and are a good thing to have before going to sleep. I like mine with tahini. I like just about anything with tahini!

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