What Vegans Eat – Day 302: Travel Edition


Breakfast: We got up early, excited about our trip to California. We’d be taking a subway to Manhattan and a bus to Newark Airport. Lots of connections to think about. We had some luscious Vanilla Black tea and were on our way.
Lunch: We had some passes for the United Club and visited the one at the Newark Airport. The food there was pretty good and better than other United Clubs we have been to. There was the trail mix with dried cranberries.
I made a few plates of Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Raw Zucchini “Chips” and some Salad mixed with a Grain and Kale Salad.
Later we just ate when we felt hungry which included the bananas and apples I had packed to go with us. I also brought a sample bag of Zippy’s Kale and Lemon Salad Bites, which I believe they are calling Veggie Bites now. They are a great snack for traveling. We had a lot of turbulence and I will use that as my excuse for a blurry photo.
Dinner: We landed at 5pm at SFO and were hungry. But we had places to go and people to visit and we didn’t arrive at Gary’s brother’s home where we were staying until about 8pm. We were so hungry. Fortunately they had salad and pasta all ready to go. We vacuumed it all down and finished with some almonds.

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