What Vegans Eat – Day 303: Travel Edition


Breakfast: In the pool house where we are staying I made some English Breakfast tea. I had packed several of our favorite bulk teas for the trip. Then we set out to do some food shopping for the remainder of our stay. First priority was green juice! We ordered the “Campbell” at Whole Foods.
Lunch: We met Gary’s 90-year-old father and sister at Khanh’s. His dad just came back from his annual physical with a clean bill of health. We got tofu rolls for an appetizer and I ordered the mixed vegetables with tofu and brown rice. Their brown rice is actually a delightful combination of different rice varieties.
Gary’s sister invited us to dinner at her home and she made sure their was plenty of food for the vegans. There was a mini salad “bar” where we got to prepare our own salads. Mine included butter lettuce, marinated beets, red onions, white beans, avocado and green olives, tossed with a tangy red wine vinegar. After two servings of salad I had some rosemary potatoes and a pasta dish with Broccoli Rabe where I carefully selected mostly broccoli. I need greens!
Gary’s sister had prepared homemade applesauce and vegan brownies made with a blood orange infused olive oil. I was pretty stuffed but enjoyed a little of both along with Rooibos Vanilla tea. I drizzled some chocolate-infused balsamic vinegar on the brownie too.

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