What Vegans Eat – Day 305: Travel Edition


Breakfast: Oh my darling – we ate Clementines for breakfast and some English Breakfast tea.
Lunch: A small party was planned at Andale with some of my old friends from the area. We were chilled when we walked in and the Mexican Coffee with Cinnamon sounded really good. It was.
Then we enjoyed some chips and salsa.
I couldn’t wait to get the Fahita-Style Tofu Tacos with serrano salsa ranchera, cilantro rice and black beans.
Dinner: We were invited to dinner with Gary’s brother and his family. While heading downtown and calling to the local favorite spots it seemed like all the restaurants were filled with long wait lines. Fortunately theCalifornia Café could take us right away. I ordered the
Kale & Baby Greens Salad with toy box tomatoes, grilled peaches, and basil balsamic.
Gary and I shared some sides – asparagus and sweet potato fries. The server had told us the fries were the best in all of Los Gatos so we went for them. They were actually pretty good.

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