What Vegans Eat – Day 356

COUNTDOWN! Only ten days until the What Vegans Eat Blog 1-year anniversary.
Thanks for reading.

Breakfast: I was meeting my dear friend Nancy from San Francisco who was in Manhattan for a brief moment. And Gary was off to class, also in Manhattan. We got up very early (for us). I was meeting Nancy at her hotel in midtown. Gary was heading downtown to Greenwich Village for class. It was fun to take the train into Manhattan together. We both had nothing to eat or drink before we left. When Nancy and I got together it was still too early for me to eat and I passed on breakfast. I sipped on a cup of Earl Grey tea from the hotel lounge. When I got home I was STARVING and parched. I quickly grabbed an orange, followed by some cashew nuts. Then I could relax and get to work.
Lunch: As promised, this mung bean soup will be featured all week. I enjoyed some for lunch.
Dinner: Gary’s class is near Integral Yoga Natural Foods. They sell organic fruits and vegetables along with other organic bulk foods. It’s rare to find organic Napa cabbage in Forest Hills and Gary had not eaten all day either. He said he wanted to eat “mass quantities of food” and he knew of only one dish he could do that with without guilt— his Heavenly Salad. Here it is crowned with avocado. It was out of this world!
Evening: The Vanilla Pudding I made yesterday was mixed with bananas and raspberries for a pudding sundae served with Almond Rooibos Tea.

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