What Vegans Eat – Day 359

COUNTDOWN! Only seven days until the What Vegans Eat Blog 1-year anniversary.
Thanks for reading.


Breakfast: Still feeling a little dryness in my throat I made a second flush of ginger tea from the ginger I had used the night before. It was still very potent and good. Gary offered to make me breakfast and I accepted, asking for Creamy Breakfast Polenta.
Snack: Writing a grant proposal for Responsible Eating And Living and not wanting to stop, I made a quick snack for us to nibble on: Medjool Dates with Cashews, Walnuts, Pumpkin Seeds and Peanuts. Then we shared a banana with some peanut butter. It’s fun eating this way!
Daily Green Juice: I made a new batch of green juice for the week made with Kale, Collards, Celery, Napa Cabbage, Lime, Ginger. I like cabbage in my juice when I have it.
Dinner: We were invited to attend the Battery Dance Company Annual Dinner celebrating their 40th Anniversary. It took place at Chef Bouley’s Test Kitchen in Manhattan. Since our hosts Jody and Ann are vegan, following a whole foods plant-based diet, they were able to arrange an all vegan table at the dinner. After a bit of mingling with champagne and hors d’heuvres we headed to our table. There were ten of us excited to experience the tasting menu made especially for our vegan table. Looking up at the painting above us with the dog and vegetable cart we all wondered if we had been placed in this spot intentionally.
The meal began with the Chef’s Seated Canapé which consisted of a mouthful or two of chopped beets with a dollop of something creamy on top. Throughout the meal our wine glasses were refilled and our bread plates replenished.
Next was the Mushrooms with Black Truffle Dressing. I love mushrooms and couldn’t wait to try this dish. Mmm, Mushrooms! It was lovely with a rich broth. After a few small bites it was gone. I wanted more.
When the servers had come around earlier dutifully noting all of our dietary preferences I quietly mentioned to one that Gary didn’t like mushrooms. I enjoyed watching Gary’s surprised expression when he was given a different dish than the rest of us. I would have liked more of this one too! A big bowl filled with broccoli and cauliflower in a rich ginger broth.
According to the menu I anticipated the Green Risotto dish next and was confused when I saw this bowl and tasted its contents. It was not green and it wasn’t risotto. But it was very good! The bowl contained small pieces of delicately seasoned artichoke hearts covered with almond foam
Then the Green Risotto appear and it was indeed green. It was also creamy and chewy and I could have eaten more of this dish too. #hungry
Our first dessert was a delightful Chilled Coconut Soup with Pineapple Granité and 10 Exotic Fruit Sorbet.
Our second dessert was a stunning array of Fresh Fruit with Grapefruit Sorbet. More please??
We finished up with a coffee service. I had Earl Grey tea with Almond Milk.

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