What Vegans Eat – Day 361


Breakfast: Oatmeal with Apples and topped with Raspberry Coulis. It’s a breakfast Sundae on Saturday! It was served with Arbor Teas Kukitcha Green Tea.
Lunch: We were celebrating my dad’s 88th birthday with the family. Gary and I rented a car and drove east to my parent’s home where we were joined by my brother’s family and his best friend Tom. We began with the festivities with the traditional fresh fruit platter prepared by my mom with oranges, pineapple and mangoes along with hummus, tofutti sour cream, carrot sticks, chips, peanuts, raisins, and cashews. Then we headed out to Jani Chinese & Japanese Cuisine in Huntington Station for lunch. Gary and I ordered the Triple Green Delight – steamed Broccoli, Stringbeans and Pea Pods, served with brown rice. It’s a clean, green meal.
The restaurant gave us some pineapple and fortune cookies after our meal. We opened our fortune cookies to read the “fortunes” and leave the cookies aside. The fortunes were very disappointing all around but we had fun going around the table giving everyone a chance to read theirs.
We all returned to my parents’ home to have dessert. My sister-in-law Jennifer and nephew Noah made a berry crisp. After lighting candles and singing “Happy Birthday” we devoured the crisp topped with Trader Joe’s Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. No, no, I can’t call it “ice cream” because it’s not made from cow milk. It is a “non-dairy frozen dessert”. I look forward to the day when the FDA joins us in the 21st Century and updates definitions for certain foods traditionally made with animal products that are now being made with plants, like mayonnaise, cheese and milks.
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Napa Cabbage, Lime, Ginger
Later, back at home I was getting hungry and tuning into what my body was craving. I thought back to when I was a small girl. The only way my parents could get me to eat my spinach was mixed in with my mashed potatoes. Of course when I was a kid, the spinach was from a can. Who would want to eat that besides Popeye? But I did enjoy the mix, and it brought back comforting memories. That’s what I wanted! Gary boiled the organic Yukon gold potatoes and cooked up some frozen organic spinach with sautéed organic yellow onions. When they were done, I got to the serious part of mashing the spinach in with the potatoes, while adding some nutritional yeast to the mix. I loved it.
Evening: It was a long day but we wanted to stay up and watch Saturday Night Live. They have been hit or miss the last few years but this show with Larry David, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson plus Bernie Sanders was a winner. We couldn’t find our opened bag of Halzelnut Teeccino. Where did it go? We normally keep it in the refrigerator but it was nowhere to be found. We gave up looking and opted to open a new package of Mocha Teeccino. One should never run out of Teeccino!

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