What Vegans Eat – Day 406


Breakfast: Corn Bread and Sliced Oranges and Vanilla Black Tea got me going for the long day ahead. I had my radio show and I was planning on going in to the Progressive Radio Network for the recording. Robbyne Kaamil was meeting me in the studio and afterwards I would be speaking with Joe Cross. I met Robbyne when we made the video for the Anti-Fur Society Cruelty-Free Fashion Show and knew she’d be great on my program.
Lunch: I got in a little early for my show and found myself hungry! I went into a specialty food store near the studio and got a Seaweed Salad. I must have needed iodine, it was very satisfying.

Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots

Dinner: I took the long way home, via the bus, rather than the train or subway. Sometimes, you just feel like staying above ground! It took a bit longer and I was treated to a feast when I got home. Gary made a variation of his Vedure Al Fornowith Red Cabbage as the star ingredient and lots of red wine.

The Red Cabbage was thick, chewy and juicy. A couple of baked potatoes and my hunger once again was gone.

Evening: We’ve got Hamentaschen in the house and they go very well with Teeccino!

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