What Vegans Eat – Day 415


Breakfast: When we are low on one breakfast ingredient or another, like rolled oats, that means it’s time to make scones. We made Peanut Butter Scones! Revisiting our REAL recipes always gives us the opportunity to think about how to make them better. This recipe originally had xanthan gum and it’s not necessary, so it’s off the list. Try them. Of course we serve them with Apricot Butter and Prune Butter. Why don’t you?
A few months ago we went to the Querciabella Vegan Delights event and we were given gift bags to take home with us from Chef Daphne Cheng. One was a little jar of Rose Jasmine tea. I had tried it a while back and thought it was time to try it again. It had a pleasant fragrance but when brewed the flavor was a bit too light and simple for me.
Lunch: Back at my desk Gary surprised me with a Cabbage Papaya Sesame slaw. Now there was some good chewing!
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots, Lemon, Lime
Dinner: It’s crazy, unpredictable Spring New York weather and when it’s cold, Brown Rice and Miso Vegetable Soup seems so comforting. We had ordered Green Beans with our GoOrganicNYC weekly order but were informed they didn’t look good so they sent us Snap Peas as well. They WERE good and GREAT in the soup.
Evening: There was a Sjaak’s Organic Chocolate Easter Bunny head massacre! We ate all the evidence.

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