What Vegans Eat – Day 420


Breakfast: Gary was off to an appointment in Manhattan. I stayed in to work and enjoy the Green Zenphony leftovers. I began with the remainder of the Wheels of Dharma dish, cold. The true test of good Chinese food is to see how it fares the next day, eaten cold. This was excellent: Shiitake Mushrooms on a bed of Mashed Yams bordered with sweet peas and topped with Almond Slices in a golden aromatic sauce. Another nice thing about getting Chinese food to-go is that the sauce is typically packaged separately. At least that’s how they do it at Green Zenphony. I like controlling the amount of sauce and I use a lot less then typically served in the restaurants. And that means the sauce lasts longer to use with other dishes.
Lunch: An absolute favorite dish of mine is making a soup with leftover Chinese food, especially Green Zenphony’s Brown/Red Rice mix and the Snap Peas in Ginger sauce. Since I recently made an order of organic dried mushrooms and mushroom powders from Fungus Amongus, I dumped the last of the Porcini Mushroom Powder into the soup broth.
Daily Green Juice: Kale, Collards, Celery, Carrots, Lime
Dinner: I had soaked some Black Eyed Peas early in the morning and got them cooking in the early evening. I was thinking of making Black Thai Peas but then this lovely dish with the remaining Green Zenphony leftovers appeared.
Evening: We had frozen the remainder of the Papaya from last week. I thought I would make a Fruit Softserve with Papaya and Frozen Strawberries. There was so much, I kept piling it into the dessert dishes making Papaya Strawberry Towers. We had been reading about the Japanese Penis Festival earlier that day. Perhaps this was a subliminal inspiration for our evening frozen treat? We each ate about a third. The rest was scooped into individual Pyrex dishes, covered and returned to the freezer for another day.

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