What Vegans Eat – Day 428 – Pizza Belly


Breakfast: I had a big day of travel ahead and knew I should get some nourishment for the day but when I awoke with Pizza Belly from our Pizza Night yesterday the last thing I wanted to do was eat. However, traveling makes me hungry so I thought I had better have a breakfast that would stay with me so I had a familiar sight to those of you who visit this site, a big bowl of raw rolled oats with sweet, ripe pears, walnuts and cashew milk. It was delicious…again. And I hope it sticks with me because I’m not packing a lunch and you can’t get a vegan meal on JetBlue.
Lunch: I only brought an orange and a pear. As I thought, that was a big mistake because while flying I was on my laptop editing a cookbook for a client and I was starving staring at all the pictures of fabulous vegan food. Needless to say, the orange and the apple were gobbled up quickly. When I landed I was very hungry. Once I got to my destination my host offered some vegan snacks before we would go out for dinner. I was grateful for a juicy sweet tomato, some cooked butternut squash, and a banana. I vacuumed all of them down.
Dinner: We went to a local Thai/Japanese restaurant. They had a very nice selection of veg menu items. I ordered a simple stir fry with brown rice. The veggies were good but the sauce was so salty! Note to self: Always order steamed vegetables in an unfamiliar place. Or better yet, get the avocado maki.
Gary, I am so sorry I missed your lasagna. Tell me about it and post a picture here and I will lick the screen!
Hey Caryn! I hope your trip is going well. After you left I continued putting the final touches on all of our projects— some we’ve announced like the acting workshop in California— and others that I really want to announce but can’t just yet…but soon. It’s all very exciting. And very intense. I didn’t experience pizza belly but I am experiencing High Anxiety. I don’t even want to get into the significance of the number 428 in your family and as it pertains to your trip and everything else happening in our lives. All too symbolic for words so I won’t write any more symbolic words. I’ll just show you a picture of my dinner and write some words to go with the picture but you don’t really need any words because it looks pretty good but don’t lick the screen because I’ve saved it all for you to eat when you get home. I made Lasagna Al Forno and it was good and it calmed me down. Or maybe it was the Field Roast Italian Sausage. Or maybe it was the collard greens with red onions steamed in Moscato. Or maybe it was the Organic Samuel Smith IPA. Yeah, it was probably the beer. Oh, and the Lasagna Al Forno is gluten-free, I used organic brown rice lasagna noodles so I’m calling it Lasagna 428…in honor of your family. Hurry home, my love.


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