What Vegans Eat – Day 463: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: And we are off. We had a 9:40am flight which means we had to get up a lot earlier to put the luggage in the rental car, return the car and shuttle over to the airport. Once through security we relaxed. Gary had prepared some Baked Tofu for the trip and I was ready for it. I think it was the best ever. Instead of his typical marinade which he knew was a little salty for me, he coated the tofu with Apricot Butter before baking. It was finger-lickin’ good. (We forgot the forks!)
Lunch: It was a long day’s journey to the west coast with a stopover in Houston. (We couldn’t get a direct flight…) We were dreaming of burritos and after checking out the restaurants our burrito dreams were shattered. There were two places that served them but the ingredients could not be trusted. With two free passes to the Red Carpet Club we went there. They had a nice Gorp, some crudités, a bowl of chopped Romaine lettuce and Kale. Nothing was organic of course and we passed on the prepared dishes not knowing what was in them. I finished up the remaining tofu and we sipped on Rooibos Chai.
Dinner: When we arrived at our destination, Gary’s brother’s home, we sat down with the family. Gary’s oldest nephew offered us some beer. I had a Lagunitas Little Sumpin’.
I don’t know where he found the energy but Gary prepared some lovely salads for the two of us with more Baked Tofu, Arugula, Tomatoes and Avocado.

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