What Vegans Eat – Day 469: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: Salad for breakfast everybody! It was what I was craving: Mixed Greens with fresh Grapefruit, Walnuts and Apple Cider Vinegar. After chewing the entire contents of the big bowl I had made I was heading over the hill to Santa Cruz again to finish up my work with John and Ocean Robbins.
Lunch: Deo Robbins had prepared another great lunch for Michele, Ocean, John and me but she could not join us. She left it for us to serve ourselves. We began with a fresh salad.
I got specific instructions from Deo on how to heat up the soup, carefully, so as not to burn it. I was very, very careful!! The soup was wonderful, garnished with fresh Dill and Chives.
Deo was back before we finished up for the day and she rewarded us with wonderful fresh fruits: Watermelon, Green Grapes and Raspberries.
Dinner: Back at the house, hungry returned with a vengeance. Gary and I got to cooking. It was a simple coincidence that on Taco Tuesday we made Tacos – with Black Beans, Fresh Guacamole, Mixed Greens, Bitchin’ Chipotle Sauce, Mushrooms and Baked Tofu. The hunger issue was satisfactorily resolved once again.
Evening: We nibbled on Dates ad Pascha Chocolate Chips along with Chamomile Tea.

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