What Vegans Eat – Day 5


It was Valentine’s Day yesterday, or Vegantine’s Day as we like to call it. What do vegans who like to cook eat on Vegantine’s Day?

For breakfast, I made pancakes. We have a lot of pancake recipes here on the site, and now we have a new one, a pancake recipe for Vegantine’s Day or for any day you want to treat someone special (like you!) with something special. These pancakes were thick, fluffy, chewy and shaped like hearts! I made a variation of our Apple Banana Berry Compote recipe using pears in place of the apple and strawberries instead of raspberries. My hot beverage for this morning was Organic Genmaicha Extra Green Tea.
Daily Green Juice: Made with kale, collards, celery, lemons and limes.
Dinner: Valentine’s Day Blue Plate Special!
On Valentine’s Day here at Responsible Eating And Living we worked as we do on most days including holidays. Living and working with a partner who’s not only a trained chef but also a theatre director is never dull. For our Valentine’s Day dinner break, Gary wanted to create a dish that also had a romantic story. He said, “I’m going to make something two bohemians in love would get all dressed up for and then venture out in the cold to enjoy. And in my story all of the local diners in New York City are vegan.” He created a dish that he felt would most certainly be on the blue plate special for Valentine’s Day— Filet of Soul. And he said it’d probably be written on the A-frame sandwich board out on the side walk like this:

Filet of Soul
Pan seared marinated tempeh filets on a bed of Cashew Cream Buerre Blanc
Served with:
Oven Roasted Yukon Gold potatoes
Carrot Sticks sautéed in onions, garlic, celery, and garnished with chopped kale.
Comes with a glass of vin Rosé and a Sundae.

The Sundaes, which I made, came with a hot drink, Vanilla Nut Teecino.

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