What Vegans Eat – Day 514: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: My conference call this morning was postponed for an hour and half later. After some Earl Grey Tea in the backyard we decided to leave the house we are staying in early in the day because there was some work being done here. We got in the car thinking we’d head to Hobee’s but Gary made a spontaneous suggestion to go to Andale’s instead. When we got to Los Gatos, Andale’s with the outdoor garden was not open yet, but their smaller restaurant was. I got the same dish I always do, the Fajita-Style Tofu Tacos with Serrano Salsa Ranchera, Cilantro Rice and Black Beans. Being made right across the street, this same dish was subtly different and I appreciated the change. Gary got the same, only the burrito style with Guacamole. We opened up our computers and got to work, while enjoying our brunch.
Lunch: Not sure when my conference call would start we went over to the Los Gatos Roasting Company to work and wait. I was in the mood for Chai, but when Gary realized they offered the premixed, sweetened version, he got me a stunning Earl Grey Tea with Steamed Soy, dusted with Cinnamon and Cocoa.
Daily Green Juice: After the call, it was off to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for food shopping. We grabbed a couple of Vasona Green Juice’s with no carrots.
Dinner: That green juice filled us up for a long time. I made a simple Romaine Lettuce with Fresh Toamtoes, Avocado, Sliced Strawberries. The Strawberries brought so much joy to every bite! It was tossed with Tahini Dressing with lots of fresh Lemon Juice from Gary’s cousin Nancy’s tree.
Evening: Gary’s brother Mark, sister-in-law Tammy and nephew Josh stopped by briefly. We found a container of Vanilla Soy Creamy in the freezer (thanks Deb!), Green Grapes and Strawberries to serve our guests.

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