What Vegans Eat – Day 513: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: Breakfast with Minnie! What a great morning. Working at the breakfast table, we had cooked Millet with Blueberries, Raisins and soaked Chia Seeds and Earl Grey Tea with Soy Milk.
Lunch: Gary put together a simple stew with Broccoli, Red Onions, Black Beans and Tomatoes, dusted with Nutritional Yeast and served it up with Organic Sprouted Corn Tortillas.
Dinner: Lunch was so satisfying that even after our 40+ minute run around the Rose Garden we were not very hungry for dinner. I made a Frozen Fruit Treat with Blueberries, Strawberries, Peanut Butter, Cocoa Powder, Chia Seeds and Almond Milk. We are fortunate to have a Blendtec Blender where we are staying. Now having tried several Vitamix and Blendtec high powered blenders Gary and I can say that we prefer the Vitamix, with Variable Speed Control. I prefer knobs and switches to a touchscreen that can be finicky. We have been spoiled.
Evening: Gary made some Dry Air Popcorn with Organic Corn to accompany us during our evening projects.

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