What Vegans Eat – Day 512: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: Sometimes it just tastes like the best oatmeal you have ever had. It was one of those mornings with Steel Cut Oatmeal, Almonds and Blueberries, served with Green Tea.
Lunch: I spent the afternoon chatting nonstop with my old friend Susan who I met in junior high school in New York. She lives in Sunnyvale now. We managed to get in some sips of sparkling water and organic Green Grapes.
Dinner: Gary picked me up in Sunnyvale and I thought we might check out some old veggie favorites. First stop was Great Vegi Land in Sunnyvale. It was closed when we got there at 5:15pm opening at 5:30pm. But it didn’t look appealing with faded awnings and a cash only sign in the window. We went North on the El Camino Real to Mountain View to try Veggie Garden. We had been there once and liked it. When we got there it was closed! They were taking the week off, re-opening on July 12. Ugh! Nearby was another old favorite, Garden Fresh. I wasn’t that excited about going there, the food was always just okay. But we went and what a surprise! The menu had changed and the food was FANTASTIC! Gary ordered Crispy Fried Tofu filled With Minced Vegetables served in a black bean sauce over lettuce.
I noticed there weren’t any vegetables with that dish. I suggested getting a plate of veggies too so we ordered Satay Vegetables. I thought that “Satay” meant the veggies would be served in chunks on a skewer. But saying “Satay” aloud in my head right now, I think they meant “sauté”.
I ordered the Veggie Duck, a dish I love. The “Duck” is made from pressed shiitake mushrooms and tofu skin, drizzled with the chef’s special light brown sauce on a bed of mixed vegetables. It was the best I ever had.
Evening: The end of Pie was near. We finished this most delicious treat. You will see another Fresh Fruit Tart again soon.

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