What Vegans Eat – Day 521: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: It was moving day. We were leaving San Jose and going back to Monte Sereno. We packed up our clothes, washed the linens and swept up the house. When we were all done it was time for a tea break. We went to Roy’s Station in Japantown. Gary got an Earl Grey and I got the Maté Chino. Both were expertly brewed with Steamed Soy. I topped mine with Cinnamon and Nutmeg. We sat outside and waited for Gary’s cousin Nancy to stop by after teaching her fitness class. At Roy’s, refills are on the house!
Lunch: After dropping off our things at Gary’s brother’s house in Monte Sereno we went out for lunch. At first we thought we’d go to Santa Cruz but the traffic over the hill was daunting. Best to stay in town. And why not with Andale’s in Los Gatos? Gary got the Andalé Tofu Burrito.
I decided to get the Veggie Burrito this time (no cheese of course) and I loaded up on all the condiments: Red Cabbage Slaw, Peanut and Roast Pepper Sauce, Salsas, Raw Onion, Cilantro. At Andale, condiments are on the house. I normally get the Tofu Tacos and was surprised at how filling the burrito was in comparison. Afterwards, I was stuffed like the burrito I had just devoured.
Dinner: My few days of travel with lost sleep caught up with me and I crashed at the Pool House where we are staying while Gary ran the Lexington Country Park trail. When I awoke, I drank lots of water with fresh Lemon from cousin Nancy’s tree and ate a Banana, then a Tomato, some Red Grapes, and Cherries – all organic of course. Gary opted for Sprouted Corn Tortillas with Bananas, Peanut Butter, Dates and a couple of Anchor Steam beers because, at the pool house, Anchor Steam refills are on the house.

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