What Vegans Eat – Day 525: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: The Millet Maki I had made the day before made a great brunch. I prepare the rolls and don’t slice them until I am ready to eat them. They seem to hold up better that way. I made a Peanut Sauce by beating a little water in some peanut butter until it was creamy and poured it over the maki.
Lunch: My breakfast/brunch was substantial so I just had some Blueberries for lunch.
Daily Green Juice: Gary and I took a ride to Whole Foods in Campbell. Unlike their sister store in Los Gatos, this one still makes green juice to order. I got the Campbell Blend and Gary chose the Killer Green Buzz.
Dinner: Gary’s cousin Nancy loaded us up with garden vegetables: Zucchini, Tomatoes and Hot Peppers. Gary made this light Summer Stew, adding White Beans and Red Lentils to the mix. It had no special seasonings just the fresh vegetable and it was spectacular.

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