What Vegans Eat – Day 527: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: The pool house where we are staying is now fully stocked with goodies from our shopping at Staff Of Life Market yesterday. This morning’s Steel Cut Oats came with a surprise inside! I cooked the oats with water, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and a pear and poured the cereal over sliced Bananas and Blueberries. You can’t see them but they were there! I swirled in soaked Chia Seeds on top. It was served with Earl Grey tea.
Lunch: When we walked into the Staff of Life Market, there was a big display of locally grown organic melons for about a dollar a pound. We grabbed a few Cantaloupes, sniffing them for their ripeness and sweetness. Then I saw the Sharlyn melons and their fragrance was heavenly. We put back the Cantaloupes and grabbed three Sharlyns. I sliced one up for lunch today. It’s flavor and color is a cross between a cantaloupe and honeydew with its own unique perfumed notes.
Dinner: Did I mention that I LOVED Staff of Life Market? This meal consisted of Corn on the Cobb, a Red Kale Salad with Tomatoes, Red Onion, Avocado and Apple Cider Vinegar and Red Lentil Tri Colore Soup with added Celery. All of the produce was organic. Most of the food we buy is organic, because it’s the best choice for our personal health, the health of the farm workers who handle our produce, and the health of the planet. Organic, fresh, locally grown food tastes unbelievably good.
Evening: We took a ride to downtown Los Gatos to pick up some personal care products and somehow ended up at Trader Joe’s where we picked up Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream, or as we must legally call it “Non-dairy Frozen Dessert” since it is made with Coconut Milk and not torture, exploited Cow Milk. We shared our treats with Gary’s nephew Josh. Then we returned to the pool house, made some Teavana Rooibos Berry Bliss and watched the French film Chinese Puzzle (Casse-tête Chinois) with Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou. It was a sweet story that took place mostly in New York. I got up in the middle to stretch and forgot where I was for a moment. We both thought we were in New York! There’s no place like home.

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