What Vegans Eat – Day 535: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: This morning Gary made the Steel Cut Oats with Apples and Bananas and filled our cups with Earl Grey Tea.
Lunch: I had a lunch date with two old friends. I met Susan in Junior High School and Nancy in High School. We all moved out to California from New York in the ’80s. I’ve seen both of them many times over the years but the three of us had not been together for decades! We met at Susan’s house in Sunnyvale for lunch. Susan thought it would be fun to make some of our REAL recipes. We chopped and chatted while making the Global Community Kale Salad.
And followed it with Berries topped with Cashew Cream.
Tea Time: Gary picked me up after lunch and we treated ourselves to tea at the Big Basin Cafe in Saratoga. We had the Masala Chai with Steamed Almond Milk. When we order Chai at cafés we always get it made with a tea bag or bulk tea, but never from a mix. Read the ingredients on the Chai Tea liquid mixes. There is stuff in there that doesn’t belong in tea.
Dinner: It was pretty late when we decided to have dinner. That’s what summer is all about, isn’t it? Late night dinners when the air starts to cool down. I made the Tricolore Carrots and Red Lentil soup because it’s quick, good and we had all the ingredients.

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