What Vegans Eat – Day 552: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: We are going home!! After spending three months in Northern California we are on our way back to New York, just after a major heat wave. We made our last pot of hot Irish Breakfast Tea, with no Soy Milk, since we were all out. It was time to finish packing and finish what we could in the pool house mini refrigerator. I munched on Mixed Baby Greens while I did some laundry. Gary had the last bit of Rolled Oats with Banana and Sunflower Seeds.
Lunch: There was a lot of Red Lentil Gumbo leftover and we ate it throughout the early afternoon along with Avocado and Sprouted Corn Tortillas.
Tea Time: When we were done with laundry, cleaning up the pool house and packing we took our last walk to downtown Los Gatos for this trip. We stopped to say goodbye to Andale and had the most refreshing Iced Tea.
Dinner: Once at the airport for our red eye flight we relaxed with some Tea and Soy Milk from Peets.
I had prepared some Maki with the leftover Sweet Potato, Cooked Rice and Avocado for the trip. We ate it all in the airport.
Gary mixed together the leftover Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds with Raisins and Chocolate Chips for our plane snack.

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