What Vegans Eat – Day 553


Breakfast: We arrived home after our red eye flight. I had gotten some sleep on the plane and felt ready to start the day. I had a lot to do – go through three month’s of mail and prepare for my radio show in the afternoon. I couldn’t wait to speak with the energetic and inspiring activist Brenda Sanders. While Gary rested I ate some Corn Thins and Mixed Greens that we brought home with us. I found Peanut Butter and our REAL Apricot Butter in the refrigerator. Welcome home!!
Daily Green Juice: After the radio show there was only one thing we could do – have dinner at Green Zenphony. We walked out in the hot humid New York weather. I order the fresh pressed Red Cabbage and Lemon for my daily “green” juice.
We were so happy to order our big pile of greens: Chinese Broccoli which came with Brown and Red Rice.
Gary got one of his favorites: Veggie-Beef Chow Fun.
I tried the Sizzling Mushrooms Infinity made with strips of Black Mushrooms, Snow Peas, Carrots, Jicama & Basil in a sizzling sauce, served on a hot platter garnished with Broccoli & bean sprouts. I never had anything like this. It was a brilliant and delicious creation.

Evening: Ready for a long, good night sleep in our home we celebrated with Mint Tea!

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    • OMG – Sandy it was so good. I want to experiment at home and see it I can make something similar. It is such a cool concept.

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