What Vegans Eat – Day 554


Breakfast: It is so good to be home. Gary made waffles and a berry compote. There is nothing better than this. We had our favorite English Breakfast tea made with our pristine, delicious, homemade distilled water. You can taste the difference with purified water this good, even in tea.
Lunch: I was wipe out tired and Gary was on a roll. After going out to do some quick food shopping, he made a spectacular lunch of Corn Thins and Green Salad with Avocado and Little Seed Caesar Dressing and homemade Hummus using whole Sesame Seeds in place of Sesame Tahini. We had brought back a few fresh Lemons from cousin’s Nancy’s tree in California which made the Hummus extra yummy.
Dinner: Lots of leftovers for dinner – I made a meal of Brown Rice and the remaining Sizzling Mushroom Infinity and Gary did a repeat on lunch.
Evening: I started to come around in the evening after taking it easy all day. I made a treat: Frozen Strawberries with Coconut Milk.

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