What Vegans Eat – Day 588


Breakfast: Big day today! And it was all about food. I knew I would need to eat well in the morning to get through the busy day, but I was not hungry. Gary carved up a Cantaloupe and while hurrying to get some tasks done before leaving I enjoyed those fruity slices. I also took a few slices of Banana Bread that I had made the night before from the 22-Day Revolution Cookbook by Marcos Borges. I was going to speak with him on my show later in the day. And the cookbook was right, the Banana Bread was much better the day after baking it. I was glad to have it with me while riding the subway to the UN for the EATx conference.
Lunch: I was invited to the EATx Forum entitled Urban Food Systems: The Nutrition Challenge. We were instructed to meet at the EATx sign at 46th Street and 2nd Avenue. The streets were alive with people in dark suits and colorful ethnic garb and the NYPD officers were everywhere.
This ticket got a nod of approval at every check point I had to pass through.
We heard from many passionate speakers on extreme poverty and hunger and the revolution that would need to take place in the current food system to adequately feed our growing population. I was not impressed. The elephant in the room was a cow. Here are some of my thoughts on the event when I spoke about it on my program. IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD, later in the afternoon.
Dinner: After walking a lot, from the subway to the UN and then from the UN to the PRN radio station, I walked even further to the Broadway district where I was meeting Gary to see the show Matilda. It was hotter than I expected it to be today and I was wearing heals. I was sweaty, tired and so hungry. Gary and I decided to go to El Rancho Burritos in Hells Kitchen. It’s one of those hole-in-the wall places with great food.
We had not been there in a while and a GIANT burrito sounded so good. They have a vegetarian menu. I got the Portobello Burrito and Gary ordered the Vegetable Burrito. I was so grateful for this food.
Normally I am stuffed after a burrito like this but I felt bottomless. Maybe it was all that talk about extreme hunger at the forum. The Juice Generation was around the corner. I normally got their Supa Dupa Greens, a green juice, but today I wanted something indulgent. I went for the Joyful Almond.
It was amazing. I am going to recreate this soon. I love cocoa nibs.
Evening: We were tired and feeling dehydrated after a long day of work and play. We came home and I drank several glasses of chilled distilled water. It was delicious and again I was grateful to have it. Then we relaxed with a pot of Mint tea.

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