What Vegans Eat – Day 602


Brunch: Last night’s Miso Soup with Tofu, Mushrooms and Brown Rice Noodles became today’s lunch. I was still hungry and didn’t know what to eat. We were low on produce and then our GoOrganicNYC delivery arrived. There were sweet potatoes in the delivery box. I remembered reading about Sweet Potato toast, slicing the potato into bread-size slices and putting them in the toaster to cook. I wanted to try it and I did. It was good, but time consuming. Next time, I will make them like we make our Baked Fries, only cutting the potatoes into slices, not sticks. Still it was fun and with a little peanut butter, I filled up fast.
Dinner: Our friend Janet came by for a visit and we went over to Green Zenphony. I recommended the Sizzling Mushrooms Infinity, with strips of Black mushrooms, snow peas, carrots, jicama & basil in a sizzling sauce, served on a hot platter garnished with broccoli & bean sprouts. I had had it once before and liked it a lot.
Feeling in a celebratory mood, happy to be alive, I ordered the Asam Veggie Fish, layers of bean crepe wrapped around mushrooms, seaweed & pineapple chunks, red & green bell peppers in a spicy Thai curry sauce. It’s really good! Of course we ordered the Stir Fried Pea Pod Shoots too.
Gary got his current favorite, Veggie Beef Chow Fun.
We sat there a while, drinking tea and getting up-to-date. Wendy, the owner came by and treated us to Mango Pudding. Thanks, Wendy!
Evening: We enjoyed some hot Mint tea before going to bed.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog everyday and had to comment on this one. Whenever my husband and I eat at our favorite restaurant (Veggie House) here in Las Vegas, NV., he always gets the crispy beef and I get the fish. So we have something in common with you and Gary. Just in the past month the same guy who owns the Veggie House has opened a fast food restaurant here. It’s quite a drive for us but so worth it. Maybe that’s a good thing because I could eat there every day. Congratulations on your “happy to be alive” anniversary!

    • Thanks Sharon! Yes, there is some danger in having more good veggie restaurants close by. So tempting!

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