What Vegans Eat – Day 607


Breakfast: We had a date to meet cousin Lou who was in town with his wife Amy, visiting from California. I suggested Spring Natural in Soho, an old favorite that I had learned not too long ago had moved around the corner. In fact, Lou went to the old place first but fortunately Gary had sent him the address and he quickly found it. It was cold and rainy outside, not a good time to be wandering around looking for a restaurant. The menu has changed a bit. It always had good food for everyone, local/sustainable with macrobiotic leanings. Now they have more vegan options. The only downside is the big urn of limitless Kukicha tea is gone… I got the Vegan Tofu Scramble and Gary ordered the Vegan Breakfast Burrito.
Lunch: We were going to spend the day in Manhattan since we also had a dinner engagement there. But it was cold and wet, so we hopped on a subway back home for hot tea and get a little work done. We made a big pot of Vanilla Black Tea. Gary had his eye on the Sweet as Honey Cake. I was not interested in sweets at all. I took a small bowl of my homemade sauerkraut.
Afterwards I made a fun not-sweet treat. I sliced a banana and smashed each piece into a small bowl of Cacao nibs to coat them. I really enjoyed it.
Dinner: We had plans to meet Victoria Moran and Her husband William Melton at Franchia. Victoria was recently crowned along with Joel Kahn, MD, the 2016 Sexiest Vegans over 50 and I would be interviewing both of them on IT’S ALL ABOUT FOOD on Tuesday. I ordered the Shissandra Chinesis tea made with shissandra berries. It’s supposed to be an energizing and restorative elixir. It had a nice sweet flavor. Gary ordered the Ginger Tea. I typically go for one of the Bibimbop dishes in the stone bowl and this time was no different. I ordered the Vegetarian Bibimbop with an assortment of vegetables, mountain roots & greens over rice. I like it but… back in 1999-2000 I made 5 business trips to South Korea as an engineer. The vegan scene was in its infancy there but I ate well. I loved the Bibimbop which I would order without meat and eggs and that left a wonderful mix of unusual (to me) roots and vegetables and a grain mix that included different rice varieties and a sprinkling of small black beans. And of course there was always spicy Kimchi. I appreciate Franchia bringing a cleaner, vegan, less salty version of Korean food to New York but there are some flavors that I miss.
Evening: When we got home we still wanted something more. Corn Thins and Peanut Butter always save the day with Mint Tea.

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