What Vegans Eat – Day 627: Special Travel Edition


Brunch: For our last day in Fort Lauderdale we promised Laura and Bret that we would make pancakes at their home. Laura’s friend Adele had just arrived the night before and they were going to do some volunteering for the presidential campaign later in the day. Rather than make one of our many pancake recipes, we thought we would try the one from the new Aquafaba Cookbook by Zsu Dever. We saved the bean water from the chickpea container we had opened earlier in the week just for this event. We packed up and checked out of our resort and went to our next destination, Laura and Bret’s. The chefs got started. We made the pancake batter and prepared some Apples and Bananas and Raspberries for compote. We heated up some Sweet Earth Foods Benevolent Bacon to go with the pancakes.
I was in a bit of a hurry unfortunately. The Food Revolution Network was hosting a free Healthy Eating Power Hour and once again I would be part of the Q&A session with John and Ocean Robbins. I got the pancakes started and Gary took over so I could eat and then go upstairs for the Power Hour.
While I worked, everyone else feasted at this lovely table.
Dinner: Our last stop before flying out was back to Sublime Restaurant, this time with my sister, Lori and brother-in-law Ralph. Dinner began with chef’s mis-en-bouche, the Polenta Fries. They were much better than a few nights ago when we were there so I knew this meal was going to be good.
One of the evening specials was the Arugula Salad. I love arugula and it was especially good with the fresh herb infused dressing.
Lori and I ordered the Spicy Szechuan Veganese Stir Fry. She requested substituting the Jasmine Rice with Red Quinoa. It was an excellent idea and I did it too. We both got the grilled, ponzu marinated Tofu with it. It was delicious.
Ralph went for the Sublime Picatta with Mashed Potatoes and Spinach.
Sure enough, Gary got the burger. He wanted it the last time we were here but because it was called a Steak Sandwich he had been misled. Not tonight. It was just want he wanted.
We finished up with coffees and teas. Ralph ordered the Coconut Cake and Gary and I took a taste. Sweet!
Evening: After dinner Gary and I went to the airport. Our flight was supposed to leave at 10pm. It was delayed and we sat and waited. I grabbed a Naked Juice Green Machine since I didn’t have a green juice that day. It has too much fruit juice for my tastes, but you can’t be too choosy late at night in an airport. The flight was delayed some more and we finally took off at midnight. When we arrived at Kennedy airport there was a long queue for the taxis but there was no dispatcher and no cars at 3am in the morning. Fortunately the Air Train and Subways run all night. We didn’t get home until after 4am. Welcome home.

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  1. Was WONDERFUL to see your smiles and brunch was delish! I had the leftover pancakes and compote this morning for b’kfast. NOM! Look forward to seeing you – possibly next month If things come together for the Dec. 10th reunion!


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