What Vegans Eat – Day 64


Before breakfast I had some errands to run. On the way home I passed a 7-11 store. I have never gone in this store but the new sign caught my attention: VEGAN FOOD!
Breakfast: I love savory foods for breakfast and this was a good one: leftover corn cakes, millet and Greens with Thai Coconut Sauce with Bai Mu Dan White Tea. I could eat this food any time of the day.
Lunch: We had a very gourmet lunch, peanut butter and chocolate sauce on sprouted wheat toast!
Snack: Homemade Chai tea with Coconut Milk. You just don’t know how good this is. So good.
After my tea, I got to interview Jody Rasch and Jane Velez-Mitchell on It’s All About Food. What a line up! LISTEN
Dinner: We went out to our favorite vegan place in our ‘hood, Simple Veggie. Okay, it’s the only vegan restaurant in our neighborhood but we love it. We met a nice couple too who are thinking of opening a vegan bakery in the neighborhood. YES! More vegan restaurants to Queens. We had Jasmine Tea, Brown Rice and the following dishes:
Hot Pot Lamb
Chinese Broccoli
Veggie Beef With Flat Noodle
It was all so good. We ate it all and there was nothing left to take home.
Find out more about Simple Veggie in our REAL Visits program here:

Evening: Peppermint tea was a must. Chinese food is always a little salty.

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