What Vegans Eat – Day 644: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: Thank you Gary for preparing some food to eat on our flight to California. It was raining and our flight was delayed a couple of hours. We had Lemon Baked Tofu, Yukon Gold Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes.
Lunch: We had a stopover in Chicago. We were looking forward to getting burritos like we used to ten years ago when we would travel to Chicago for my chemo treatments at the Block Center. But since our first flight was delayed we rushed to the gate to catch the connection. We missed it. Ugh. So we walked around in search of food. We were at O’Hare and the burritos were used to get were at Midway. We could not find anything good to eat. We ended up spending $30 on the healthiest snacks available. This including Raw Nuts and Seeds with Raisins.
We drank Naked Juice Green Machines.
For dessert we had Clif Bars. I don’t consider the juice or the Clif bars healthy foods, but it was the best the airport had to offer.
Dinner: We were so hungry and tired when we arrived. It took a while to get our bags, get a rental car and drive south from SFO to Monte Sereno. When we arrived at Gary’s brother’s home we chatted with the family and ate Red Grapes and Almonds. The grapes were good because they were juicy and we were dehydrated.

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