What Vegans Eat – Day 647: Special Travel Edition


Brunch: I had been dreaming of making Tofu Scramble using some of the veggies that Barbara had given us a few days ago along with the leftovers from the Vegetarian House. It was fantastic, a dream come true.
Barbara had given us a gift card for Peet’s Coffee and Tea so we had to use it. I had remembered reading that they now served vegan whipped cream, made with coconut milk. I had to try it. It’s so decadent and dangerous! I am glad to know it’s there but this is not for every day.
Dinner: I was teaching voice lessons for the students in our Musical Theatre workshop. I brought along some snacks to keep me going – Bananas and a box of Kale.
Evening: Back at the pool house we made a simple meal of Kale, Potatoes and Tahini Dressing.

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