What Vegans Eat – Day 650: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: I woke up early and super hungry. Staying in a pool house in Monte Sereno, I thought about what food items we had in the little beverage refrigerator we are using. I worked quietly and quickly – Gary was still asleep. I have no idea how he managed not to wake up while I made breakfast but he didn’t. I cut the Yukon Gold potatoes in cubes and cooked them in the microwave. (Note: We do not own a microwave at home and rarely use one. It’s safety is questionable and we don’t like the way microwaved food turns out, but occasionally we give in and take advantage of one, like this morning.) I chopped a red pepper, a red onion and some broccoli and cooked it in a fry pan, occasionally adding a little water to keep it from sticking. I mashed the tofu and added it in with the cooked vegetables and tossed it all with Tahini Dressing from Trader Joe’s. When I was ready to serve breakfast, I brewed a pot of Irish Breakfast tea and wrapped some Sprouted Corn Tortillas in a paper napkin (some we don’t use very often either, cloth is preferred) and warmed them up in the microwave with some Field Roast Apple Maple Sausages.
Snack: Sometime later in the day we had a little snack, Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate.
Dinner: We were invited up to the big house to have dinner with Gary’s brother’s family. Cousins Nancy and Wade came over too. We brought up a big box of Arugula and made a big salad with the leftover Tofu Scramble from breakfast adding in some Garbanzo Beans and Avocado.
Nancy took the time to individually prepare hot cups of Dandy Blend for each of us with foamy Soy Milk on top.


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