What Vegans Eat – Day 654: Special Travel Edition


Breakfast: We were going home today. It would be a long travel day so we made sure we had oatmeal in our bellies before taking off.
Lunch: We packed what we had remaining in the pool house refrigerator: Apples, Chocolate, Raisins, Dates, leftover Baked Tofu and Corn Tortillas and ate them at the airport and on the planes. Fortunately our flight left on time. Considering it was the day after Thanksgiving things were relatively calm. We had a stopover in Denver. There wasn’t a lot of time during our stopover but we checked out the food options. It was pretty bleak. One place had a vegan chocolate cake on their menu but nothing else that seemed vegan, fresh and healthy. A hot dog place boasted a veggie dog with veggie chili but again, it was not a healthy item and without being able to read ingredients the differentiating between vegan and vegetarian was impossible. We passed. There were some packaged Hummus, Quinoa and Couscous Salads but we passed on them too. Better to wait for when we got home.
Evening: And we did get home. We were renting a car at the airport to use the following day and were able to find a spot as soon as we arrived at the apartment. You have no idea what good fortune that was! Gary reheated the pizza we had frozen before we left. It was very good.

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