What Vegans Eat – Day 655


Breakfast: It’s a slow day to relax and catch up even though the “to do” list is long. We needed to go food shopping but fortunately we had plenty of food to keep us going. Gary made some Cashew Milk which we had with Rolled Oats, Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds and Apples. I made a pot of Bai Mu Dan. Our tea tastes so much better at home. It’s the water! It’s distilled, pure and secure.
Dinner: The plan for the day was to visit my parents. My brother’s family was going to join us. But my mom was not feeling well and we postponed leaving to give her time to feel better. My brother who had a farther drive ended up canceling. Gary and I decided we would surprise my folks with a visit anyway since we had rented a car. We also thought we do some food shopping. When we arrived I was happy to see that my mom was feeling better. We stayed a little while and then left to do some shopping. We stopped at a few stores but really didn’t like the offerings so we drove back to the airport to return the car and get a bus and subway home. We decided we would treat ourselves with a trip to our favorite restaurant. It got very cold and waiting for the bus was rough. Think about hot soup and tea kept our spirits up. The subway line was running express due to construction (as usual) and it added time to our trip home. But we made it to Green Zenphony at last and it was worth it. I ordered simple with Triple Mushrooms and Shanghai Vegetables.
I was craving the Stir Fried Pea Pod Leaves.
Gary got his favorite Veggie Beef Chow Fun.
They treated us to fresh organges afterwards. They are so beautiful!

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