What Vegans Eat – Day 656


Breakfast: If you don’t know by now, we love our waffles. We made Oat Waffles with Blueberry/Raspberry Compote. They are easy and fun to make!
Daily Green Juice: I have not had a daily green juice in several weeks. It is time to get back on track. I was not quite ready to get out the juicer so Gary picked up a couple of Achilles Juices at Ripe Juice Bar and Grill when he did a little grocery shopping.
Dinner: There were some cooked Split Peas in the freezer that I defrosted. Gary turn them into a luscious soup.
He prepared Broccoli with Roasted Peppers, Field Roast Sausages and a creamy Cashew Cheese. I topped mine with homemade Sauerkraut.
Evening: Cousin Nancy had given us a small bag of Dandy Blend. We made a few cups with Cashew Milk and toasted up a few slices of Gary’s Panettone which we have in the freezer. We deserved it. We worked for hours on putting together a cast list for our upcoming Fiddler on the Roof workshop. It was fun but used a lot of energy. The Panettone was perfect.

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