What Vegans Eat – Day 726: Travel Edition


Breakfast: Rolled Oats with Apples, Bananas, Soy Milk, plump juicy Raisins, Coconut Flakes and dusted with lots of crunchy Chia Seeds.
Daily Green Juice: We have not been having green juices every day, so they are not “daily” at the moment. This will change when we are back home. In the meantime we are grateful to Whole Foods in Campbell for their Campbell Blend when we are nearby with Kale, Celery, Parsley, Carrots, Ginger.
Dinner: After a four hour rehearsal with the Fiddler band I was so hungry. I had Corn Thins and Avocado in my backpack during rehearsal and never had a chance to eat. I was dreaming of avocado on corn things. When we got back to the pool house we were invited up to the main house where everyone was winding down from a Superbowl party. I brought the Corn Thins and Avocado with me. Gary’s cousin Nancy had made a Quinoa dish with Black Beans and then when we arrived she made dry air popcorn. I made my plate and when I turned away briefly Nancy had garnished my Avocado Corn Thins with Popcorn Kernels!
Evening: Nancy and her husband Wade gave us a big bar of Oranges and Lemons from their trees. We still had some of the tarter ones they gave us a couple of weeks ago. I sliced up three of the older oranges and had them with Hot Lemon Water. I’ve discovered something too. When I eat these tart oranges I do not crave anything sweet for a long time.

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