What Vegans Eat – Day 727: Travel Edition


Breakfast: I woke up hungry and I wanted a Sunday breakfast. It felt like Sunday but it’s Monday. Well, lately Monday is our day off from Fiddler on the Roof rehearsals so it is a day off in one sense. I made a Tofu Scramble with Kale and Red Onions, in a Dijon Cream Sauce and served it with Millet and fresh Oranges. I made a pot of Chai tea and added some Raisins to the tea pot to give it some sweetness.
Lunch: There was leftover Scramble from breakfast and I ate it all up.
Dinner: We went out for a short drive and picked up Salad Greens. Afterwards I made a simple salad with Baby Greens and Herbs, Apple Cider Vinegar, Avocado and Chia Seeds.
Evening: We spent some time with Gary’s brother’s family at the main house. They have been very good to us and they often have vegan ice cream. It is hard to resist. We rarely buy it when we are at home for the simple reason that we would eat it. It is easier to avoid eating treats when they are not waiting for you. But we indulged in small bowls. I had Strawberry Coconut Bliss.
The day does not seem complete without a bowl of tart, slices oranges and some Peppermint tea.

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