What Vegans Eat – Day 729: Travel Edition


Breakfast: With rehearsals in the late afternoon and evening I work quickly to get all my work done early in the day. It is never ending of course. When one project is complete another appears on the “to-do” list. I was glad to have leftover soup from last night, with Red Lentils, Kale, Onions and Ancient Harvest Corn/Quinoa Pasta wich I topped with nutritional yeast.
Daily Green Juice: We stopped by Whole Foods for our favorite Campbell Blend with Kale, Celery, Parsley, Carrots and Ginger. We just felt like we needed it.
Dinner: After our Fiddler rehearsal I suggested going to Veggie Grill. The one at Santana Row is open until 10pm. I like this one better than the one at Westgate. The seating is cozier and comfortable. Now, I’ll admit this is not my favorite restaurant. It’s fast food. It’s all vegan which is awesome and healthier than the standard fast food fare. But I was in the mood for a burger. I don’t like the Beyond Burger but the Quinoa and Veg Burger looked good. It’s a scratch-made blend of organic quinoa + kale + mushrooms, with Chao cheese, house-pickled onions, arugula, veg mayo, and drizzled cilantro pesto. I had it Bad Boy style with spicy tomato Chao cheese, caramelized onions, pickled jalapenos, and Sriracha sauce. It was fantastic! You get a choice of sides to go with it and I selected the Cole Slaw. It made me think of a “health expert” whose interview I was listening to recently who basically said you can eat toxic, unhealthy food, like BBQ meat and serve it with Cole Slaw, and the cabbage in the cole slaw will work to detox you from all the bad stuff. Huh? Really? I am all for eating cabbage in all forms, raw, cooked, juiced. It’s one of those immune system boosting, nutritionally dense food. But no one food can protect us from eating lots of other bad foods. Anyway, it was fun to think about as I enjoyed my delicious, healthy, no-guilt Quinoa And Veg Burger AND Cole Slaw.
Gary got his B-Wing salad and I know he was envious of my burger. Stay tuned to see what he orders when we return to the Veggie Grill.
Evening: Peppermint tea ended the evening.

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