What Vegans Eat – Day 752: Travel Edition


Lunch: After opening night we were happy to sleep in. With our friend Janet in town from New York we wanted to take her out to a late lunch. The Vegetarian House unfortunately doesn’t open until 5pm so we met up at Tofoo Com Chay for their Veggie Chicken Salad and Pho.
Snack: At the theater I made a cup of Cacoco to energize and warm up. With the cold wet weather the theater is freezing until it fills up with an audience. Hot beverages help stay warm.
Dinner: We got back to the pool house late after the second Fiddler on the Roof performance. I wanted a repeat of last night’s late dinner, Potatoes with Arugula. The celebratory ingredient is Earth Balance on top.
Evening: Mint Tea is always a good way to end the evening.

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