What Vegans Eat – Day 751: Travel Edition


Breakfast: Opening Night! Our Fiddler on the Roof production opens this evening. I made bowls of Rolled Oats, Vanilla Soy Milk, Bananas, Almonds and Raisins.
Green Juice: Whole Foods Campbell Blend.
I have to admit, the rest of the day was a big blur. We scurried around doing some last minute tasks before heading to the theater. I brought some Apples along and made Tea in the Green Room. The production team made sure there was nondairy milk and creamers along with vegan food for those who wanted it. Our friend Janet was seeing the show tonight again, after watching yesterday’s rehearsal. There was some Kite Hill vegan Cream Cheese with Chives for the cast that we nibbled on with Crudites and a variety of chips.
Dinner: After the show, Gary and I drove to Safeway to pick up some “party food” on the way back to the pool house. Our party consisted of Anchor Steam Lager and Mashed Potatoes with Arugula.
The second course consisted of Corn Thins with Field Roast Smoke Tomato Slices and Mustard.
With a satisfied bellies we were able to fall into needed deep sleep.

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