What Vegans Eat – Day 798


Breakfast: It’s just another Light and Crispy Waffle Day at our house. Why not at yours? Life is too short to not enjoy waffles regularly.
Gary and I went into Manhattan. I had my radio show and he was starting to shop for my birthday party food. (My birthday is Saturday, on Earth Day.) My guests, John Joseph and Brian Kateman joined me in the studio. It was a fantastic show. Listen to it here. Gary and I met afterwards in Union Square. He showed me the vegan goods he had picked up – Kite Hill Cream Cheese; Miyoko’s Cultured Butter; Field Roast Chao Cheese, Apple/Maple Breakfast Sausages and Deli Slices. These are important ingredients for the hors d’oeuvres we are planning to make for the party. Next we walked to SoHo to meet my friend Nancy for her birthday dinner at Spring Natural. She texted us to come to her office first where they were throwing her a “surprise” party. It was a fun, Tiki-themed event with mini cupcakes, wine and jungle punch. We indulged in the Jungle Punch made with Rum. It was very good and in a very short time all the tension left my body, all was right with the world. One cup of punch was enough.
Dinner: At Spring Natural we started with Chickpea/Fava Bean Fritters. They were similar to Falafel balls, with a creamy interior.
Gary got the burger with Sweet Potato Fries. They loaded it up with some delicious, melty vegan cheese.
I love watercress and the Watercress Salad was the choice for me. I am always amused at how watercress is one of those leafy greens that is served as a garnish. I remember going to a Bar Mitzvah party once and asking everyone at my table for their watercress garnish that I made a salad with.
Special iPhood lighting credit goes to Gary with his iPhone flashlight. The restaurant is quite dark and the iPhone came in handy to read the menus and light up my food photography.
It was Nancy’s birthday but we all decided against having dessert. We did want to hang a little longer and chat. The server came by and offered Nancy a complementary dessert for her birthday. Hurray! She chose a chocolate ice cream. Gary and I couldn’t be party poopers so we got the vegan Carrot Cake to share.

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