What Vegans Eat – Day 841


Breakfast: We finished the Buckwheat Waffles that were made for our Memorial Day Brunch, served with Blueberry Pear Compote and Almond Yogurt.
Daily Green Juice: I made a new batch of green juice, this time made with Kale, Collards, Red Cabbage, Celery, Carrots and Lime.
Dinner: We had a challenging day and were in the mood for comfort food. I put up a pot of our favorite Brown/Red/Black Rice mix (1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup red rice, 1/2 cup black rice cooked in 4 cups of water). While the rice cooked we mashed an Avocado, chopped some Red Onion, made some Tahini Dressing and I warmed up some Mushrooms for me. (I cooked dried mushrooms in water and keep them in a jar in the refrigerator to add to dishes. This works well, since Gary doesn’t like mushrooms) We piled our comforting rice stacks with our choice of toppings.

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